Sporting Clays

Our shooting facility is one of the most challenging and scenic shooting facilities in the Southeast. The combination of American and Olympic style skeet and trap, a two-level five stand shooting pavilion, and a twelve-station sporting clays course add up to the ultimate in shooting experiences. The course’s diversified presentation of targets is unparalleled and is set up to provide a unique and fun activity for both the novice and experienced shooter. Premium quality Beretta firearms are available to our guests, as well as, individual instruction and group clinics.

Unique Opportunities

The entire sporting clays course is designed to mimic hunting situations in their realistic environment. For example, the “rabbit” target runs between bushes and the “duck” targets swoop down into the trees.

We offer a 60 foot tower that throws clays to five different stations on the course. These targets are thrown from overhead, left to right, right to left, and over the shoulder to  provide multiple shooting angles and diverse target presentations.





  • Reservations and Deposits required

  • Children under 17 are required to have a parent or guardian, co-participant or supervision by a gun club instructor

  • Scorecards are kept (like golf)

  • Transportation is available

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