The Group Bass Fishing Challenge

Looking for a unique, fun and educational activity to build group unity and inspire a competitive spirit? Try booking a bass fishing tournament for your group! Lake Oconee Outfitters can host your group’s very own fishing tournament complete with boats, guides, equipment and weigh-in ceremonies.

Imagine the thrill of the “blast-off” as the tournament begins with you and your partner in a high-performance bass boat alongside a bass tournament professional as your personal guide.....your heart pounds as you race your fellow competitors to that day’s “Honey Hole”, where the big fish live! Learn important facts and fishing secrets from your guide as you and your partner test out your angling skills on a variety of structures and situations.

Feel your nerves come alive as you battle the “big one” toward the boat and the satisfaction when she finally comes into the net to become part of your weigh-in catch. At the end of a great day of fishing and touring the lake, feel the butterflies wake up in your stomach as you bring your team’s catch to the weigh-in scale. Do you have enough weight? Did you lose the one fish that would have put you over the top of your fellow competitors? How much weight will it take to win?

After the weigh-in, feel the joy of a job well-done and the satisfaction of releasing your catch back into the lake for them to fight again another day. Congratulations and “fish-stories” will abound at dinner that evening concerning everyone’s fishing strategy of the day and of the ones that got away!

Are you concerned because you are a novice angler or do not know the lake? Don’t worry.....we will take care of everything. You will be completely outfitted with all of the necessary safety equipment, boat, fishing gear, lures and advice by your Lake Oconee Outfitter professional guide. Our guides are all certified by our staff and are “locally famous” for their prowess on Lake Oconee as seen by their success in professional tournaments locally and on various fishing tournament trails. Let us help to create memories that will last a life-time on your next visit to Lake Oconee.

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