Initiative Games (Lawn Olympics)

This is a traditional team-building event in which your group is broken up into competing teams of at least 8 members per
team (actual number of team members to be determined by the amount of stations and participants).  Lake Oconee Outfitters recommends that you provide each team member with a specific color T-shirt or hat to designate his or her group.  We can assist in this process, as well as in creation of the appropriate theme for your meeting agenda (i.e. “March Madness”, etc). 

 Each team begins the competition at a numbered station to accomplish a specific task.  Once this task is completed they rotate from station to station, participating in different problem solving tasks.  Each task will challenge your group’s ability to work together and teach your group how to be a TEAM.  Some games include: PVC Pipe Relay (as seen in the picture to the left), Elevator Shaft, The Maze, King of the Juggle, etc.

 This event is completely customized to your group’s needs.  The activities take place on the events lawns around the Ritz Carlton Lodge, so there is no need for additional transportation services.  We will work with you to create the most effective team configurations, to design the time length of the event, and to target the specific areas of confidence that your group needs to address.

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