You can plan an event for your group that will truly be memorable by scheduling an exhibition clinic by one of our world-class shooting instructors. These exhibitions can be tailored to your specific function and offer shots that will entertain and amaze the entire crowd. This is a great activity when combined with shooting opportunities for the group immediately following the show.


  • Advanced reservations required
  • Deposits required
  • Availability is limited


Looking for a unique, fun, and educational activity to build group unity and inspire a competitive spirit? Try one of our shooting competitions for your group!

Scavenger Hunts

Teams are arranged and assigned with one of our shooting instructors. Each team will be given a list with clues of which station to shoot first. Highest team score wins, but your team must shoot the course in the correct order. Remember, the instructor help shoot for your team and assist team members with improving their shooting technique and scores, but canít help the team find the stations!

Sporting Clays Tournament

4 or 5 person teams compete for the highest team score. Teams can be enhanced with one of our shooting instructors to add an extra competitive advantage. Highest team score wins.

5-Stand Flush

5 person teams shoot together, all at one time, at simulated bouncing rabbits, flushing quail, incoming ducks, overhead doves, and rising pheasants. Each team receives 75 shells and 2 minutes to shoot at 75 targets. Plan wisely who will shoot at which target! Highest team score wins!